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The Weakness and Foolishness of God

The Weakness and Foolishness of God

Mar 04, 2018

Passage: 1 Corinthians 1:17-25

Preacher: Jobey McGinty

Series: The Fight for Wisdom: Walking in Our Identity Through 1 Corinthians

Category: Discipleship, Weakness, Hardness of Heart, Culture

Keywords: 1 corinthians, bible, body of christ, church, corinth, culture, epistle, escondido, flawed, folly, foolishness, greek, identity, idolatry, idols, imperfect, jobey mcginty, knowledge, life mission church, messy, pastor, paul, preaching, roman, scripture, sermon series, sin, spiritual blindness, stumbling block, the fight for wisdom, ugly, unbelief, weakness, wisdom, wise


Life is messy. Church life is messy. Every church has problems, because every church is made up of people. But God has called His people to come together to live life alongside each other and to encourage and carry each other, even amid difficult and challenging circumstances. The Apostle Paul planted a church in Corinth, Greece, and it very quickly became a church that dealt with many problems. They lacked maturity and wisdom, despite being a very gifted church. 1 Corinthians is a fatherly challenge and guide to them to help them get back on track and grow in the wisdom they need.

In this sermon, Paul talks about how the world views God as both weak and foolish. But this is exactly God's intention, because He is able to prove that even in His "weakest" moment and His most "foolish" plan, that He is still both more powerful and wiser than any. But we fall into the traps of trying to find God or expect God to be a certain way. Paul reminds us that Christ on the cross is enough power and wisdom that we need.