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The God Who Pursues

The God Who Pursues

Apr 19, 2020

Passage: John 1:1-5

Preacher: Jobey McGinty

Series: Gospel of John - Behold & Believe

Category: Word of God, Christ, Christ's Authority

Keywords: truth, pastor, love, church, jesus, wisdom, sin, god, christian, living, christ, scripture, word, grace, preaching, video, plan, introduction, eyewitness, online, flesh, body of christ, relationship, sermon series, streaming, knowledge, prologue, pursues, book of john, reveals, escondido, jobey mcginty, life mission church, behold and believe


The opening line of any written work (a book, email, opening arguments of a trial) sets the tone for everything that follows. Sunday, we began a journey into the Gospel of John, and John (an eyewitness and close friend of Jesus') begins with an explosion of declaration from all that he witnessed over three years, and what he maintained as a witness for the next 60+ years until his death: God came to the earth in the Person of Jesus, that you and I could know Him and have true life through Him. He is the Man who is God.  God's very own Word became a human being. In other words, God's heart, desires, character became the exact imprint of God in the Person of Jesus Christ (Hebrews 1.3). He did this because He is a God who desires that we would know Him, so that we could have forgiveness and be reconciled with Him forever.  He is, indeed, a God that pursues.



The Gospel of John was written "that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing in Him you may have life in His Name" (John 20.30).  The Apostle John, as an eyewitness and close friend of Jesus', desires for us to behold His beauty, love, and glory, and believe in His power and willingness to being forgiveness and life.


As we journey through the Gospel of John, we will behold the life, teachings, works, and ministry of Jesus, and will hear straight from Him who He said He is, so that we would more deeply put our hope and trust in the Man who is God.