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Knowing God’s Will

Knowing God’s Will

May 08, 2022

Passage: Acts 1:12-26

Preacher: Jobey McGinty

Series: Acts: Saved to be Sent

Category: Word of God, Knowing God, Will of God, Satisfaction

Keywords: truth, pastor, love, church, mission, jesus, wisdom, sin, god, christian, christ, scripture, grace, preaching, salvation, good news, video, plan, repentance, acts, decisions, body of christ, relationship, sermon series, son, streaming, knowledge, prescription, trusting, description, unstoppable, god’s will, escondido, jobey mcginty, saved to be sent, life mission church


When we find ourselves in unclear and challenging situations, maybe at a crossroads in our lives, it is natural to cry out and ask God to reveal His will to us. Sometimes we may receive a clear sign of what God's specific will is in that situation, but often we are met with silence, and we can become discouraged or even doubt God's goodness and faithfulness. But the Word is full of God's revealed will and when we seek to understand and grow in that which is specifically revealed, on a day-to-day basis, we find that our will becomes more conformed to His and we are able to be more discerning when those times of difficulty, choice or crises come along.

ABOUT THIS SERIES: The Acts of the Apostles could be better titled, "The Acts of the Holy Spirit Through the Empowered Church," because it is the story of what God did through an unlikely group of people as the early church was born. God takes unlikely, weak, foolish, and unequipped people, and sends them on a mission to bring His Good News to those who are in need of it. But He doesn't send them out alone. He gives them His Holy Spirit, who unites them, strengthens them, equips them, and leads them in His wisdom to do an accomplish His will and work. Every believer is given His Spirit, and every believer is called to this mission, and together we will walk in the good works that He has prepared for us in this Unstoppable Mission: to see His glory and salvation proclaimed to the least, last, and lost from every tongue, tribe, and nation, even to the ends of the earth.