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How To Walk In God's Plan For Your Life

How To Walk In God's Plan For Your Life

Jun 16, 2019

Passage: Ecclesiastes 6:10

Preacher: Jobey McGinty

Series: Ecclesiastes: Viewing Life Through the Right Lens

Category: Contentment, Control, Sovereignty

Keywords: truth, pastor, love, church, wisdom, sin, christian, christ, scripture, grace, preaching, plan, ecclesiastes, sovereign, contentment, body of christ, relationship, satisfied, sermon series, satisfaction, control, knowledge, respect, meaningless, vapor, escondido, jobey mcginty, life mission church, meaninglessness of life, viewing life, right lens


It's a tragedy when we aren't satisfied. God has given us so much, yet we always want a little more, or something different. How do we find true satisfaction when life is filled with many injustices, and when we don't quite get what we want or work hard for? What hope do we have when we know that life is short and that there are no guarantees? If God has planned everything in our life and is in control of everything, would that just make us robots? Does that take the meaningfulness out of our choices and pursuits, and should we just settle into cruise control mode? The Preacher gives us practical wisdom on how to seize each day as we embrace God's plan for our lives.

ABOUT THIS SERIES: If life sometimes seems empty and meaningless, you aren't alone. One Preacher in the bible even agrees. He surveys his life's great accomplishments and successes, and sees that ultimately, it's all in vain. So what is the point of living? He concludes that in the end, when we live our lives not simply "under the sun," but "unto the Son," all that is meaningless in life takes on great meaning, even eternal meaning, and gives us much to live and hope for.