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Conforming Prayer

Conforming Prayer

Jan 09, 2022

Passage: James 1:19-26

Preacher: Jobey McGinty

Series: Search Me, Know Me, Lead Me

Category: Prayer, Vision/Mission/Strategy, Confession, Praise, Yield

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With most (all) aspects of the Christian life, when we start with "me" at the forefront of our minds we often find ourselves on a futile, frustrating, powerless path that leads to despair. Our prayer lives are often Exhibit A for this demoralizing cycle. Our prayers can drift into me-centric wish list and gripe sessions that better resemble conversations with a genie or Santa Claus rather than with God, our Father. While He wants to hear our hearts (wishes and gripes included) we should be quick to listen and slow to speak when we come before Him in prayer. If, through the work of the Spirit, we begin to treat prayer like it is the continuation of a "conversation that God has started through His Word and His grace" (J.I. Packer) we will find it to be a powerful, conforming force that goes well beyond what we could ever think to ask for when we start with "me" in mind.

Each year, our church spends three weeks reminding ourselves of what our mission is. This year we are focusing this time on understanding how the Word of God, Prayer and Gospel Community searches and rescues our identity and equips us to live out our mission for His glory.