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Community: A Mess Worth Making

Community: A Mess Worth Making

Feb 12, 2023

Passage: Acts 2:42-47

Preacher: Jobey McGinty

Series: Being Built Up

Category: Discipleship, Gospel Community, Community, Relationships, Sanctification, Discipline


We can have the Word and prayer, but without people, we will even use the Word and prayer to hide and serve our own desires and idols. It’s harder to do that in community. Not impossible, but it is harder. God has designed us as people who are not mean to be alone. We hold our cards close and desire to maintain our image and reputation among others, but the cross reminds us that we are all broken and in need. Hiding does us no good. Gospel Community is not “just hanging out.” - While hanging out, laughing, being social, enjoying sports and music and good food is a very important piece of life and building relationships, Gospel community seeks to go further, even building upon these many amazing and indispensable common graces. Gospel Community is not perfect. - It is dangerous for us to have unrealistic and idealistic expectations of what Gospel community needs to be. Yes, we want to have certain qualities, but we can have unrealistic expectations. Sanctification is a long process that we all endure with one another. In community where the Word of God, prayer, confession, sin, fellowship, and various personalities are thrown into a blender, it will get messy. But it is good for us to be with others who are not like us. We see more of Christ when we are with diverse parts of His body. We need the ministry of one another to exhort each other every day. Real Gospel community is driven by the work of Christ in our hearts.