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Covenant Membership

What is Membership at Life Mission Church?

Practically speaking, every church in actuality has some form of membership, whether they say it or not. For some churches, it’s a mental inventory, based on who is consistent, who has shown up lately, or who is in a midweek study.  For others, it’s more of a well-defined approach.  Every church, also, acts upon their membership approach, whether vague or defined.  Most churches that don’t have a more defined approach would say things like, “well, we have 100 attendees on Sunday, but probably 60 or 70 regulars.” That’s their “non-membership” way of saying “members.”

In churches with a more designed approach, the goal is to know more clearly, for the purpose of growth and sanctification, the lives and faith of the people who love and are committed to their local church family.  It helps congregants be more astutely involved in growth and discipleship, and helps them make more conscious decisions in the life of the body. Overall, it is a healthier and more clearly defined way to help each Member grow.

Why Should I Become a Member?

Membership helps you be more known and more accountable. It invites a deeper level of accountability and commitment into your life. Additionally, it helps you unite more fully with the mission of the church. It helps the believer know clearly what they can expect from the church, and what the church expects of believers. The class itself walks through a number of important items that matter for believers to know about their local church family. We define what the local church is, what our church government consists of, our future hope and plans for Elders and Deacons, church discipline, doctrinal distinctives (which ones are “open handed” and which are “close handed”), values (stances on abortion, homosexuality, Christian liberty e.g., drinking, recreational drug use, etc.), and will be followed up with a way for you to become more known for the sake of your growth.

What Do I Have to Do to Become a Member?

Membership is a way we publicly agree to what the Word points out as a lifestyle for all disciples and members of the universal body of Christ, and a way that we invite the help, aid, encouragement, and accountability to live it out.

In other words, when we commit to a local body of believers, we are saying, “I agree with what the Word says a committed life of worship looks like, and I want this church family to help me live it out, through thick and thin.” So what will this local church body, Life Mission Church, look for or “require” for membership?  No more than what the Word of God expects from every believer:

  • Public confession through baptism.
  • Ongoing partaking of corporate worship and communion.
  • A real, tangible commitment to a local group of believers, led by qualified Elders.
  • A growing lifestyle of worship and being conformed into the image of Christ, with a heart for doctrinal, relational, and missional unity for the purpose of God’s glory among the nations.
  • A willingness to be encouraged, challenged, and aided in their growth.
  • Being able to be in unity with the vision, mission, and strategy, as well as doctrinal beliefs and values, of this local church of believers.

Do I Have to Become a Member to Attend?

Not at all. We hope that people who are attending, whether regularly or inconsistently, will come to a place in their lives where they desire to have a deeper commitment to the local church, but we know that everyone is in a different place in their life and faith. Membership is for those who want deeper accountability and a stronger community support system to help them grow in their faith.

Do I Have to be a Member of a Church to Be a Christian?

Absolutely not.  Just like with baptism or communion or attending bible studies and prayer meetings, Membership isn’t required for believers to be accepted into the body of Christ. Only the saving work of Jesus can do that.  Membership, like baptism and communion, and attending studies, is an outward act to help us grow in this new life that Christ has given us.

Do I Have to be a Member to Serve or be a Part of a Community Group?

You do not have to be a Member to attend a Community Group, or to serve in any number of opportunities in our church. Naturally, certain areas of leadership and various teaching roles, of course, will have Membership as an important requirement to help ensure doctrinal, relational, and missional unity.

Is Local Church Membership Even Biblical?

An identifiable commitment to a local body of believers, led by qualified Elders, is very clearly seen in the Word. Though some wouldn’t call that “membership,” the Word gives us many clarifying instructions and instances of corporate accountability, corporate expectations, and even local corporate identity (meaning that some people “belonged” to certain church fellowships in addition to their belonging to the body of Christ, as a way of identifying their unity and commitment to the physical body of Christ).

As an aside, having a more defined and organized strategy and plan to help believers be accountable to each other and grow in their faith (i.e., Local Church Membership) is a very good and important thing, regardless of what a church calls it.

What if I’m not Sure if I Want to Become a Member?

Going to the class won’t “seal the deal” for you.  The class is designed to inform you on the ins and outs of our church, including our ongoing vision going forward. So, we hope that in going to the class, that will help you decide.

I’m interested in Covenant Membership, now what?

We had our first all day class in February of 2015, and recorded the full day’s session. If you would like to watch the class online along with the classes materials, let us know by filling out a Connection Card online and we will send you both.

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