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Part 20: To Infinity… And Beyond!

03.26.13 | Church Plant, How Did We Get Here? | by Jobey McGinty

Part 20: To Infinity… And Beyond!

    Part 20 of a blog series called “How Did We Get Here?,” the story of how Pastor Jobey was called to start Life Mission Church and what got us where we are today.

    Part 20 of a Blog Series Called “How Did We Get Here?” (click here to go to the beginning), the Story of How I was Called to Start Life Mission Church and What Got Us to Where We are Today.

    Well, we’ve reached the end of this blog series. For me it was great to look through old journals and notes that I kept along the process; it reminded me of many things I had forgotten, and even some things that I wish I had forgotten. But all in all, it deeply encourages me to see that God is faithful, in control, and greater than all. If He brought us this far already, I can’t wait to see where we go from here.

    In the ensuing months since January 6th, I have been most shocked and amazed at how God has been growing us in ways that I thought would literally take months and years. The unity that has grown and has been built has been unprecedented, unlike anything I ever recall seeing. There’s a unity of relationships, values, vision, theology, sacrifice, humility, and ownership. I have been floored by how God has bound us together, even beginning in those early Launch Team Meetings. I could go on and on with so many stories, conversations, interactions, and events that have transpired. In all of it, however, I think the thing that strikes me the most is how the Word of God has been the catalyst, the fuel, the motivation, and the foundation for everything that has been happening deep within the heart of Life Mission Church. The Word has been exposing sin, changing hearts and minds, giving a deeper and broader passion for Christ, building a stronger desire for each other, and igniting a larger faith for seeing the lost saved.

    It reminds me very much of so many of my favorite verses about the church. We’re seeing the saints being equipped for ministry like in Ephesians 4.11-16, seeing them become more and more anchored in their life and faith so that they aren’t tossed to and fro by every wave of doctrine. The unity spoken about in these verses has become real in Life Mission Church. I’ve been seeing people step into tremendous new ministry roles. I am absolutely SHOCKED at how much ownership, passion, commitment, and incredible acts of worshipful servanthood I have been seeing. I mean, I can’t even begin to tell you of the team that has been developing and growing, and the way that their passion for Christ and His body has made this such an absolute joy. We’re seeing so many folks step up and out into ministry like Acts 6.1-7, people simply taking care of the ministry, which has freed me up tremendously to give myself to the Word of God as much as possible, which then results in the “Word of God being spread” more and more (Acts 6.7).

    I don’t at all expect perpetual smooth sailing in the years to come. But I do know this: I am honored, humbled, shocked, amazed, excited, and thankful that I get to go through future rough rides with the people that God has called me to. Their selflessness, teachability, humility, service, care, sensitivity, wherewithal, resolve, commitment to Christ, love for the Word, passion for worship, desire for the lost, generosity, faith in the impossible, willingness, and mental toughness is addicting to be around. For an introvert like myself, it’s quite incredible that I can’t get enough of them! I love every moment I get to spend with them, both individually and corporately, and I am beyond blessed to be part of their lives.

    Life Mission Church is dedicated to seeing people be saved, equipped, and sent; by the by the Gospel and for the Gospel. Christ is and has been building our foundation strong, firmly set on Christ, our Cornerstone, and He is undoubtedly preparing for us many, many “good deeds that we would walk in.” After all, we are His workmanship, His poem, His living epistles written not by pen and ink, but by the Spirit of the living God (Ephesians 2.10, Colossians 3.3). He has already written our story, and we are filled with faith and hope as we move forward, in unity of mind and purpose, walking out all that God has planned for us, knowing that we have been saved to be sent.

    I greatly desire your continued prayers. None of us at Life Mission Church are “sufficient for these things.” This is all very much beyond us, which is what makes it so exciting and amazingly fun. We need the daily grace and mercy of God to live fully dependent on Him, and I believe that the “effective prayers of the righteous person has much power.” So, please pray for us.

    To God alone be all glory, power, and honor.

    Your brother, servant, and worship leader…

    Pastor Jobey

    From our very first service, January 6, 2013.