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My 2013 List: Launching Life Mission Church

01.04.13 | Leadership, Church Plant, Life Mission Launch | by Jobey McGinty

My 2013 List: Launching Life Mission Church

    Over this first week of 2013 I want to share some thoughts on some of the things I am most looking forward to in 2013. Enjoy!

    This is quite obvious.  Nonetheless, it must be mentioned, and the best way I can describe this feeling is that it is remarkably similar to when my wife and I were expecting a baby.  There is excitement, preparation, lots of prayer, thought, study, and planning, along with anxiety, fear of the unknown, thinking far too much about the “what ifs,” and lots of moments of doubt over whether or not you’ll make a good parent.

    Overall, I find myself, like a parent-to-be, wondering what this church will look like, act like, live like.  What will the make-up of the personality be like?  What kinds of interests and passion will this church family have?  One thing I know for certain as I watch my kids grow, is that though they are unique individuals with their own personalities and interests, at the end of the day their values, character, desires, and interests are most influenced by Katie and me, their parents.

    As I, like a parent in fear and trembling, analyze, search out, contemplate, pray through, and scrutinize my personal life, values, convictions, and passions, I hope to passionately and clearly infuse these deepest of convictions, vision and values into the hearts and minds of those that God has called me to serve and shepherd.  My prayer is that I would be able to passionately and clearly communicate and demonstrate the truth of the vision and mission of God’s Gospel of grace into the lives of this new church family.  Seeing not me, but the Gospel, change hearts, minds, and lives, gives me such a deeply churning passion and drive to give my life for this mission.

    I am greatly looking forward to the men, women, teens, and children that God is going to bring along for this journey.  I am so filled with passion and faith that this will be the beginning of a whole new life for many, many people.  I can say that, in part, because it has already been happening in me, and it has already been happening in the folks that God has been rallying together with us.

    Here’s to more Holy Spirit working in and through us in 2013!