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Christmas Trivia

12.22.14 | Church History, Old Dead Saints, Christmas, Culture | by Jobey McGinty

Christmas Trivia

    Test your knowledge of the biblical Christmas story!

    Test your knowledge of the biblical Christmas story!

    See bottom for answers.


    1.  Jesus’ birthday is December 25th.

    TRUE  or  FALSE


    2.  The bible says Mary rode to Bethlehem on a donkey.

    TRUE  or  FALSE


    3.  The bible predicts Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem.

    TRUE  or  FALSE


    4.  The wise men came to bring Jesus gifts at His birth.

    TRUE  or  FALSE


    5.  How many wise men were there?   _________________


    6.  The bible says Jesus was born in a stable.

    TRUE  or  FALSE


    7.  What did the innkeeper say to Mary and Joseph? ____________________


    8.  The wise men found Jesus in a:

    a) manger   b) house   c)  cave   d)  Nativity Scene


    9.  Herod had all boys under age 2 killed to “take care of” this “King of the Jews.”

    TRUE  or  FALSE


    10.  Santa Claus was a Christian.

    TRUE  or  FALSE


    11. Giving gifts is a tradition because of:

    a) magi giving gifts   b) St. Nick   c) capitalism


    12. “Xmas” is anti-Christian attempt to take “Christ” out of “Christmas.”

    TRUE  or  FALSE


    13.  Christian tradition has Christmas Trees as symbols of eternal life.

    TRUE  or  FALSE




    1.  FALSE:  Jesus was probably born in late September or early October.  The December day is a combination of the anniversary of St. Nicholas’ death (December 6th) and a Roman holiday.

    2.  FALSE:  The bible does not mention a donkey that Mary rode on.  Not that she didn’t, but the bible doesn’t say so.

    3.  TRUE:  Micah 5.2 predicts Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem 500 years before Jesus is born.  Bethlehem is a small and unlikely random place for the Messiah to be born.  No doubt Micah was laughed at by some.

    4.  FALSE:  The wise men (magi) came to visit well after His birth.

    5.  Unknown:  The bible mentions three types of gifts, but does not say anything other than “magi,” which is plural, so at least two magi, but maybe many more.  Additionally, magi would have traveled with quite an entourage, so there would have been quite a crowd there.

    6.  FALSE:  The bible does not say what kind of structure He is born in.  It DOES say He was placed in a manger, which is a feeding trough, however where this is housed is un known.  One very probable location is a cave, a place where shepherds would often use as shelter and feeding for their flock.

    7.  Nothing:  There is no innkeeper in the biblical story.

    8.  b)  house:   They visited Jesus well after He was born and they were living at their own home (or probably the home of relatives as their long term home was in Nazareth).

    9.  TRUE:  Out of jealousy, Herod heard of this new “King of the Jews” and felt challenged and insecure.  He decreed that all males under the age of 2 in Bethlehem be killed.  This would account for probably 10-30 murders of innocent babies.  An angel forewarned Jesus’ parents, and told them to flee to Egypt for a time.

    10. TRUE:  St. Nicholas was a devoted and passionate believer.  He gave secret gifts of food and money to the unsuspecting poor in his town as a symbol of the gift of salvation that Jesus gave us poor sinners (He really was a “Secret Santa”!). Check out this blog post for more.

    11.  b)  St. Nick:  In his most elaborate gift,  he paid for the dowry (a rather large payment to the father of a girl as payment for marriage) for three sisters so that they wouldn’t have to be forced into prostitution. Click here for more.

    12.  FALSE:  The Greek letter X (pronounced “kai”) has long been used to denote the word “Christ,” as it is the first letter in that word (we see it on our “Christian fish” emblems on cars: “IXOYE,” an acronym for the Greek “Jesus CHRIST, God’s Son, Savior.”  Back in this time, “Christian” was spelled “Xian,” and even the name “Christina” was spelled “Xina,” however it was still pronounced “Christian” and “Christina” (so Xena the Princess Warrior is really Christina the Princess Warrior). :-)

    13.  TRUE:  Though it’s older origin is indeed secular, the traditional use of a fir tree at Christmas has long been seen as a symbol of eternal life, mostly noted in Isaiah 55.13.