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From Root to Fruit

06.10.13 | Idolatry | by Jobey McGinty

    Rather than just acknowledging our sin, our hope is to actually hunt down the cause of it, taking care of not just the fruit of sin, but the root. We don’t want to simply “manage” our sin better, but we want to get rid of it.

    When You Become the Savior

    05.17.13 | Idolatry | by Jobey McGinty

      What happens when we dig within ourselves for strength, rather than to God? The list of that “fruit” is lengthy, but to highlight one result in particular: we effectively make ourselves into the savior. In other words, self-idolatry.

      Breaking Your Idols

      01.16.13 | Idolatry | by Jobey McGinty

        Giving some food for thought when it comes to “what to do with your idols.” Its one thing to uncover potential idols, but it’s not enough to know what they are, we need to know how to dethrone them, because our hearts, ultimately, are chained to...

        Idol Detector Test

        01.15.13 | Idolatry | by Jobey McGinty

          The Word says that God is a “jealous God." Has that every struck you as being odd? I mean, we’re told that jealousy is a bad thing, right? But consider what this means for God to be jealous of us...