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Gospel Care & Discipleship

05.09.17 | Discipleship | by Chelle Vess

    We need to be done with superficial “social club” Christianity and learn how to really love and care for each other with the love of Jesus. We won’t ever be perfect in this love, but by God’s grace we can become much better at it and the Care...

    Eric Price Ordination

    02.10.16 | Discipleship | by Jobey McGinty

      In April, 2015, we officially placed Eric Price in an Elder Candidacy for a season of observation, testing, assessment, and prayer! That time has run its course, as we’ve spent the past 10 months watching, observing and assessing Eric's and his...

      From Root to Fruit

      06.10.13 | Discipleship | by Jobey McGinty

        Rather than just acknowledging our sin, our hope is to actually hunt down the cause of it, taking care of not just the fruit of sin, but the root. We don’t want to simply “manage” our sin better, but we want to get rid of it.

        When You Become the Savior

        05.17.13 | Discipleship | by Jobey McGinty

          What happens when we dig within ourselves for strength, rather than to God? The list of that “fruit” is lengthy, but to highlight one result in particular: we effectively make ourselves into the savior. In other words, self-idolatry.