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Thriving Prayer at Life Mission Church

03.08.16 | Church Family | by Chelle Vess

    I love that Life Mission Church values prayer. There is no question that regular prayer should be part of the Christian life. Prayer is like tying our boat to the dock. When we pull on the rope we aren’t pulling the dock (God) towards us, but...

    Life Mission Trivia!

    02.23.16 | Church Family | by Kim Roberson

      On February 7th, 2015, we had our Servant Appreciation Dinner which included a fun trivia game about some of the history and random facts of our church, as well as a "Best Impression of Pastor Jobey" contest. Check out the video of...

      Eric Price Ordination

      02.10.16 | Church Family | by Jobey McGinty

        In April, 2015, we officially placed Eric Price in an Elder Candidacy for a season of observation, testing, assessment, and prayer! That time has run its course, as we’ve spent the past 10 months watching, observing and assessing Eric's and his...

        Our New Sunday Home!

        03.29.15 | Church Family | by Jobey McGinty

          We are so excited to announce that our search for a new place to meet on Sundays has come to an end!  On Sunday April 12th, we will be entering into a brand new season as a church family, as we move our Sunday morning services into downtown...

          Reflections on the Last Two Years

          10.06.14 | Church Family | by Jobey McGinty

            Today, October 6, 2014, marks two years from our very first gathering as a then-yet-prospective Life Mission Church! It was the very next day, Sunday, October 7th, that was the day that Katie and I were brought up in front of our church family to...