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Merry Xmas!!!

12.24.14 | Christmas | by Jobey McGinty

    I use the phrase ”Xmas“ quite a bit, much to the chagrin of many around me. But just in case anyone was wondering, the usage of the word “Xmas” has nothing to do with “taking ‘Christ’ out of Christmas.”

    Redeeming Ol’ Saint Nick

    12.17.14 | Christmas | by Jobey McGinty

      (Originally Posted December 13, 2013. Slight adjustments made). Holidays always present us with lots of interesting things to consider. What are we celebrating, and why? And what parts of the holidays actually help us to celebrate those reasons...

      The Real Santa Claus

      12.06.12 | Christmas | by Jobey McGinty

        One thing I see so often every Christmas, especially in the church, is an oft disdain for poor ol’ Saint Nick as if people hold him responsible for single-handedly ruining the meaning of Christmas. But I want to tell you why I don’t hate...