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Men's Equipping Ministry

Our Men’s Equipping Ministry is a course-driven ministry. In other words, it isn’t an open ended, every week “men’s group” that indefinitely meets. Rather, it is made up of seasonal courses that cover various types of equipping. In our inaugural series, which consisted of three separate courses, we covered these three basic realms of life and ministry training:


We believe that being informed on who God is and how He works in our lives is the most important thing about giving our ministry a solid foundation. In this 13 week course, we covered a broad scope of systematic theology by going through Pastor Jobey’s Doctrine and Theology Class (D&T Class). The D&T Class covers a broad scope of all the major doctrines of Scripture, aiming to challenge and equip our men to know the Word of God and what it shows us as the great plan of redemption, as well as how the Lord works out that redemptive plan. Knowing, as much as we can, who God is and what His plan is will give us the foundation and understanding of the tools we need for life and ministry.

The PDF notes for the D&T Class are available here:

Part 1: Introduction to Doctrine (including Table of Contents)
Part 2: The Trinitarian God
Part 3: The Word o God
Part 4: The Creator and His Creation
Part 5: Satan, Sin, and the Curse
Part 6: Covenant
Part 7: Jesus Christ
Part 8: The Cross of Salvation
Part 9: Salvation
Part 10: The Holy Spirit
Part 11: The Church
Part 12: Eschatology (End Times)
Part 13: Eternity, New Heavens, and New Earth
Part 14: Our Worshipful Response



Once we “know the truth,” we now can go to work at utilizing the truth to “set us free.” After all, head knowledge in itself does nothing; as a matter of fact, it just “puffs up” our ego and mind. We must learn how to apply the truth of the Gospel to our own hearts, as well as, then, to the hearts of others.

In this 13 week course, we went through the Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands Study by Paul Tripp (IRH). IRH is designed to not just teach us how to minister to others, but firstly, how to minister the truth of the Word to our own hearts in order for us to have our own hearts firstly turned toward Jesus. Upon learning that, we can apply those same truths to others who are in need. Whether the relationship we are in is more like a formal counseling situation, or if it is a spouse or friend that we have coffee with, IRH is an amazing resource to grow in your ability to root yourself in Gospel truth for your own heart change, as well as how to help others be a growing disciple who is being freed from both sinful behaviors as well as hurtful consequences of other people’s sin.

The Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands Study is available in a few formats:


In this course (number of weeks has not been set as we are only soon going to be launching into this course), we will now take the truth we have learned (Head), which has been applied to our own hearts for our own life change (Heart), and we are now going to be putting all of this into practical action (Hands).

In this section, the equipping will get more specific. For those who are interested in learning how to prepare a message or bible study, there will be a short course for that. For those who want to dive into other areas of service, such as counseling or learning more about discipling others, there will also be a course for that. In this course, we hope to see many of these men lock into and develop gifts and desires that God has given them.

The notes and studies for this course will be made available after this course has been completed.