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What to Expect

Before the Service

How should you dress?  Kind of a funny question, we know.  But you have probably wondered this!  Dress how you normally dress; we’re a casual group of folks.

We have one service starting at 10ambut try to come a little early, especially if you have kids so you can check out our kids' ministry and get your kids checked in before service. Our Connection Booth is available in the courtyard if you have any questions or needs.

There is Newcomer Parking available in the parking lot accessible along N. Kalmia St., and additional parking is available all around the campus.

Kids on Mission (Newborn - 5th Grade)

We offer classes for newborns all the way through 5th grade. Make sure to show up a few minutes early if it’s your first time so you can get them checked in before service.

The 3rd-5th grade students, are signed in at the Kids' Connect desk when you arrive, and then accompany you (the parents) to the adult sanctuary for family worship. After worship the kids are dismissed and their teacher will be be waiting in the back of the room to account for each student and return, as a group, to their classroom.

You can read more about Kids on Mission Here.

Junior High & High School

Junior High

At Life Mission, our Junior High students (6th - 8th graders) join in the adult worship with their parents and are dismissed after worship to head to their class, as a group, for the rest of service. We want to make the most out of the time God has given us with your kids each week, by showing them who Jesus is and what He has done for them in meaningful, practical ways to see them saved, equipped and sent by the Gospel.

High School

Studies show that a large percentage of students leave the church after high school, which is why our high school students stay in the main service with the adults for worship and the message on Sundays, so they don’t “graduate the faith” when they graduate high school.

Our mid-week High School Ministry, Students on Mission, meets weekly on Wednesday nights @6:30PM, and is led by Tyler Willis. Students will discuss and dig deeper into Sunday’s message, and build real Gospel-centered friendships with other students - similar to our adult Community Groups format. The group meets at Classical Academy High School (where we have our Sunday services) in the Study Hall.

You can read more about our Student Ministries Here.


The Music

Music is an important part of our time together at Life Mission.  We have a deep desire to see Jesus be the central focus of the church, and we believe that engaging through music in corporate worship is one of the most powerful ways to do that.  Our desire is to be a church that worships as a witness to God, each other, and the community.  We value songs that are theologically true, as well as emotionally engaging.  Style-wise, we’ll vary from driving rock to big ballad, old classic hymns and even the occasional folk or Irish-style vibe. 

Listen to some of our favorite worship songs/styles.


The Message

The Word of God holds the Gospel, which is the Good News, not just merely good, practical advice.  Our pastor, Jobey McGinty , has a deep conviction that it’s Jesus alone who can save us and change us. We believe that it’s the Word of God that best reveals who Jesus is and enables us to encounter the truth that can set us free.  Our aim is to ensure that the Gospel of God’s grace and love is made clear to everyone each week, and that each person walks away having been shown the greatness of who God is and what He has done for us.  

Most often our sermons/series take the church through various books of the Bible, helping us to understand and love the Word, and the God who wrote it, and from time to time will touch on other pertinent themes to meet the needs of the folks at Life Mission. Both pastors Jobey and Eric see the time they get with our church family in this capacity as an opportunity to lead them in the worship of our Savior, Jesus Christ; and so their hope and purpose for every message is to make Jesus the Hero and see our lives centered around Him, see the church built up and equipped in the Word of God, and see the world around us saved by the grace of God.

Click here to watch some of our sermons.


Communion, Offering and Response

At the end of each service, we have a time to respond in various ways. Communion is available at different stations in the room, and it is something that Christ told us we should do when we gather together as a church family.  Every time we meet, we want to remind ourselves of what Christ has done, and communion is an opportunity for us to do this. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, we encourage you to take communion with your church family as you gather together. We also have people available to pray with you at the end of every service (you can spot them by their green lanyards). 

Additionally, for those who call Life Mission Church their home, we provide an opportunity to give cheerfully toward what God is doing in the Church, not motivated out of guilt or duty, but because of the great sacrificial love God has already shown us through Jesus. If you are a guest or visitor, we don’t at all expect you to give anything.

We do all of this during a final closing song or two so that we can end our time together going to God and thanking Him for His Word and the truth of His Gospel.


After each service, feel free to grab some snacks and coffee and hang out.  Visit our Connection Booth to meet one of our Team Members where you can ask any questions you may have and learn how you can take your next step at Life Mission!

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