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Vision, Mission & Strategy

God’s glory is both the fuel of our strategy,
as well as the goal of our vision.
It’s our starting point, and our ending point.


We want to see God’s glory known among the nations,
to the least, the last, and the lost. Therefore…

Revelation 7.9-10 // Psalm 67
Churches Planted // Missionaries Sent // Communities Transformed
A more in-depth look at our Vision:


We need to make disciples who make disciples,
locally and globally, who are
saved, equipped, and sent by the Gospel…

Matthew 28.18-20 // 2 Timothy 2.2

“Teach People to Obey” // Homes Transformed // Lives Changed // Sharing Our Faith // Priorities Restructured // Gospel Focused Life Mission
A more in-depth look at our Mission:


...By teaching people how to be rooted
in the Gospel of God’s glory
through the Word of God, Prayer,
and Gospel Community.

1 Corinthians 15.1, 2 // Acts 17.28 // Psalm 1.1-6 // Jeremiah 17.7, 8

Sermons // Bible Reading Plan // Prayer Meetings // Equipping Workshops // Fight Clubs // Community Groups // Serving // Gospel-Centered Books
A more in-depth look at our Strategy: