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    Classical Academy High
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Life Mission Online Modifications

While we wait out the coronavirus outbreak, we will be doing the best we can to keep us as well connected and in communication as possible.  Additionally, we’ll be doing what we can to keep some of our regular weekly functions in tact, albeit highly modified.

We know that this is a dramatic shift for all of our lives in various ways, but hopefully, together as a church family, we can maintain a unity in the faith and build a camaraderie and fellowship that strengthens over this time period.

Until further notice, here are the primary ways you can keep in connection with your church family.

In-Person Sunday Mornings:

We are meeting on Sunday mornings at 10am at Classical Academy High School, however we are currently outdoors in the Courtyard. We have pop-ups for shade as well as chairs, but please check the weather and dress accordingly. For now, our kids are staying with the parents during service.

Live-Stream Sunday Mornings:

Through the Website:

  • Go to lifemissionchurch.com/events
  • Click on the button with the date of that day’s service.
  • Click the video at the top to “enter” into YouTube so you are able to live chat.

Through YouTube:

Through Facebook:


  • Download the PDF notes from the "Sunday Service" event on our events page: https://lifemissionchurch.com/events/
  • Get some bread and juice or wine ready for communion (link to communion page)
  • Have the service streamed through good speakers (TV, Bluetooth speaker, etc.) if possible.
  • Have a phone or laptop read so you can live chat


  • Live Stream will open at 9:50am with some music.
  • Service starts at 10:00am with opening prayer and a time of worship through music.
  • Don’t be afraid to sing in your home! Turn up your volume and worship!
  • During a “greeting” time we’ll take a couple minutes to live chat and check in with each other.
  • At the end of service, prepare your communion elements after we are led in a communion devotional. Keep the elements with you until one of the Pastors leads us in partaking together.

Midweek Live Streams

  • Worship Nights, Prayer Meetings, or miscellaneous discussions will take place, sometimes in person, other times live streamed, and sometimes both.
  • Emails will be sent out for each event.
    • Some will be done through the same means as the Sunday Service (see above).